TABLEAU online training in Hyderabad. “Tableau” is a business intelligence tool for visualization,dashboard and connect to files,relational and big data sources to acquire and process data.It can use tableau drag and drop interface to visualize any data explore different views,and even combine multiple database easily.


tableau online training in hyderabad


Introduction and getting started

  • Tableau Desktop’s role in the Tableau product line
  • Application Terminology
  • View Terminology
  • Data Terminology
  • Visual course for fields

Best practices in connecting to Data

  • Working with metadata
  • What happens when the data source changes?
  • Overview of other connection options

Working with Data

  • Filtering your data
  • The value of using a heat map
  • Sorting
  • Building groups
  • Building Hierarchies
  • Sets
  • Combined sets
  • In and out sets

Working with special field types

  • Data fields
  • Measure values and measure Names
  • Latitude and longitude(generated)

Working with special field types

  • Combo Charts(bar and line or mixed mark)
  • Highlight table
  • Bings, histograms, calculated bins
  • Tree Maps
  • Motion charts
  • Working with space marks

Building Custom calculations

  • Overview of calculations and the calculation engine
  • Manipulating strings and data calculations
  • Calculations and aggregations
  • Logic statements
  • Grand totals, sub-totals and changing aggregation
  • Creating quick table calculations

Introduction to Parameters statistical Visual Analysis

  • Reference lines/bands/distributions
  • Trend modeling and forecasting

Building Dashboards

  • Overview of dash bands
  • Building your first dashboard

Making Applications Interactive by Using Actions

  • What is an action?
  • Options for running actions
  • Highlight actions
  • Filter actions
  • URL actions

Options for sharing work

  • Tableau packaged workbooks
  • Publishing to Tableau server(web)
  • Publishing to Tableau Rader
  • Publishing to Tableau Public
  • Publishing to PDF
  • Exporting to an image file
  • Exporting the data only

Introduction and Getting Started

  • Tableau Desktop’s role in the Tableau product line
  • Application Terminology
  • View Terminology
  • Data Terminology
  • Visual cues for fields


  • Desktop architecture
  • Customizing data connections
  • Data Blending

Working with calculated Data

  • Review basic calculations
  • Understanding where calculations occur
  • Options for documenting your calculations
  • Aggregating as attributes in calculations for data conversion
  • Advanced table calculations

Working with Parameters

Advanced mapping

  • Automatic geocoding of data
  • Built-in geocoding
  • Custom geocoding
  • Path mapping of point to point distribution
  • Using background images for spatial analysis

Building Advanced Visualizations

  • Comparing measures towards a goal or benchmark
  • Bar in bar
  • Bullet graph
  • Top or Bottom N
  • Nested top N
  • Distributions of data
  • Box and whisker plot
  • Pareto analysis
  • Program management (Gantt chart)
  • Market segmentation(Master basket analysis)
  • Additional visualizations

Building Better dashboards

  • Reviewing types of actions
  • Use of parameters as filters
  • Best practices in Tableau dashboard design
  • Sharing your work
  • Packaging workbooks
  • Publishing to Tableau server (web)
  • Publishing to Tableau Rader
  • Publishing to Tableau Public
  • Publishing to PDF
  • Exporting to an image file
  • Exporting the data only
  • Tableau File Types and Extensions
  • Tableau Server
  • Installing and Configuring Tableau Server
  • Single server installation
  • Single server configuration

Tableau server Administration

  • Content Administration
  • User and group administration
  • Site administration

Security and Permissions in Tableau Server

  • License level
  • User rights
  • Roles
  • Permissions precedence

Working with data

  • Task scheduling and extracts
  • Embedding URLs

Command line Tools Basic

              Administration & Configuration

  • Tableau file type and extensions
  • Component functions
  • Sharing work
  • Publishing to Tableau server
  • Publishing to Tableau Public
  • Tableau public premium
  • Tableau packaged workbooks
  • Tableau Reader
  • Save to office and share image file
  • Save to PDF
  • Export data only

 Architecture and component Functions

  • Gateway server
  • Repository service
  • Application server
  • vizQL server
  • Fast data engine
  • Backgrounder service
  • Data server

Process Flows

  • Create a visualization in Tableau desktop
  • Publish a visualization to Tableau server
  • View a visualization in Tableau server
  • Schedule an extract or data source
  • Add a user in Tableau server

Single Server installations

  • Minimum requirements
  • Resolutions for common installation issues
  • Managing product keys
  • Initial configuration

Tableau server administration

  • Content Administration
  • Site Administration
  • User Administration
  • Group Administration

Tableau server security Model

  • Overview
  • Authentication
  • Authorization and permissions

Tableau Server Configuration

  • Data Server
  • Schedule and task administration
  • Subscriptions
  • Data Security
  • Embedding and URL parameters
  • Command line utilities
  • Log files administration
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Performance recording
  • Advanced configuration options
  • SSL Configuration
  • Java script and TDE API

Real Time Project Overview

  • Banking projects case study
  • Supply chain project case study
  • Job Assistance
  • Job guaranty for shortlisted candidates
  • Job support After Getting JOB
  • FAQ’s
  • Hard copy Material
  • Resume preparation
  • Recordings Available in Lab