Data Scraping vs Screen Scraping UiPath – Differences, Definition, Features



Data Scraping vs Screen Scraping UiPath

Hello Guys!!! In this page, I am going to cover up the difference between UiPath Data Scraping &  Screen Scraping. Before we see the difference, first we will understand the basic meaning of Data Scraping and Screen Scraping in UiPath Robotic Process Automation.

Data Scraping in UiPath

The name itself indicates that data scraping is a technique which is used to extract structured data from the web or from any application. The extracted data will be stored into the database or spreadsheet or.CSV file. The RPA UiPath Provides this data scraping facility to us. You can find the data scraping option in the UiPath Studio under the design path.

Note: We recommended you to run web automation from the following browser versions.

  • Internet Explorer – 11 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox – 50 and above
  • Chrome Latest Version etc.

Example of Structured Data 

When we enter any query in the Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. all the search results have the same structured data like Title, URL (Link of this page), meta description( brief about that particular web page). Now Our Intension is to extract the search results. RPA UiPath Data Scraping Toll helps us to extract the structured data easily from any file or web.

Let’s see the main steps involved in extracting structured data using data scraping..

When you click on the design button, you can find the data scraping option.

  • Select the fields which you want to extract from an application, file etc.
  • Click on the Data Scraping which is available in the Design Tab. You can see the Extract Wizard Box on the screen.
  • Click on the “NEXT” Button.
  • Now, you select the First and Last fields of the web page you want to extract.
  • When we click on the NEXT button, it will prompt you to the next dialogue box where you can customize column headers and URL Extraction etc.
  • Finally, Once you are done with the above steps, the Data Scraping tool extracts the data as per your guidelines.
  • See the Preview once.
  • After Finishing this, it will ask you a question like “Is Data Spanning multiple Pages?” Click on YES, if you are extracting data from multiple pages otherwise Select NO.
  • Once you finished the process, the sequence will add in the studio.
  • You can see the sequence under Design Tab.

What is Screen Scraping?

Screen Scraping is a specific process like collecting screen display data from one application and it will be translating to another application and it will be displayed finally. The term Screen Scraping helps to extract raw data or text in the form of string value from a screen of an application (element/Image/Region). Simply, Screen Scraping is nothing but Data Extraction from an application. After Extracting Data from the source application, we need to convert it into a data table structure. Screen Scraping also called as Out methods. This Screen Scraping enables you to extract data from a particular UI element/ Document etc.

To understanding which automation process is required for your business, read the below section completely.

The UiPath Screen Scraping Wizard has three methods, details are as follows.

  • Full Text
    • Speed – 10/10
    • Accuracy – 100%
  • Native
    • Speed – 8/10
    • Accuracy – 100%
  • OCR
    • Speed – 3/10
    • Accuracy – 98%

The Method will automatically display at the top of the screen scraping window. The Simple Question that many people get in their mind is if I want to change method as per requirement what happened? No worries, you can change your method from the options panel.

Let’s understand the complete details of each method here.

  • Full Text
    • It is a default Method, fast and accurate. It can be done the Background Execution.
  • Native
    • This is another Screen Scraping Method but it cannot Extract the screen Coordinates od the Text.
  • Google OCR
    • This method we can use while scraping virtual desktops and Citrix applications.

How Screen Scraping Used while Extracting Data?

  • Click on the UiPath Studio and Navigate to the Design Tab.
  • You can Find Screen Scrap Wizard there, click on it and you will find the popup box.
  • At the Right Corner, you will find a Box contains Scraping Method.
  • Select any one option as per your business Requirement.
  • We discussed the three methods involved in the Screen Scraping Wizard in the above section.

Features Involved in the UiPath Screen Scraping

This section will help you to understand the various features involved in the UiPath Screen Scraping.

  • Full Text
    • Once you click on the Full-Text Option from the available three, the following are the features you can see at the desktop.
      • Ignore Hidden – Once you select this option, as the name suggests it can ignore the hidden text from the selected UI Element and will not the copied
  • Native
    • Native Screen Scraping consists of the following three options.
      • No Formatting – If we don’t want to extract the formatting information from the UI Element, you can select this option.
      • Get Words Info –  By Enabling this, each word of screen coordinates can extract easily.
      • Custom Separators
        • The Custom Separator field/option in the Native Method will be used to specify the characters.
  • Google OCR
    • Various Features involved in the Google OCR Method are here
      • OCR Engine – It is a default option that you will get.
      • Languages – English is the default option in Google OCR.
      • Invert –  As the Name Suggest, you can invert the UI Element Colour if the background is darker than text colour.
      • Characters –  Using this feature, we can select the character which we want to extract ( Example – Numbers, Letters, Upper Case, Lower Case, Phone Numbers, Currency etc).
      • Scale – For selecting UiPath Images we use this feature. More the scaling factor, we can enlarge the image more.
      • Get Words Info –  For getting an on-screen position of every scraped word, we can enable this option.

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