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TABLEAU Desktop Course Syllabus:

Introduction and getting started

  • Tableau Desktop’s role in the Tableau product line
  • Application Terminology
  • View Terminology
  • Data Terminology
  • Visual course for fields

Best practices in connecting to Data

  • Working with meta data
  • What happens when the data source changes?
  • Overview of other connection options

Working with Data

  • Filtering your data
  • The value of using a heat map
  • Sorting
  • Building groups
  • Building Hierarchies
  • Sets
  • Combined sets
  • In and out sets

Working with special field types

  • Data fields
  • Measure values and measure Names
  • Latitude and longitude(generated)

Working with special field types

  • Combo Charts(bar and line or mixed mark)
  • Highlight table
  • Bings, histograms, calculated bins
  • Tree Maps
  • Motion charts
  • Working with space marks

Building Custom calculations

  • Overview of calculations and the calculation engine
  • Manipulating strings and data calculations
  • Calculations and aggregations
  • Logic statements
  • Grand totals, sub-totals and changing aggregation
  • Creating quick table calculations

Introduction to Parameters statistical Visual Analysis

  • Reference lines/bands/distributions
  • Trend modeling and forecasting

            Building Dash boards

  • Overview of dash bands
  • Building your first dash board

Making Applications Interactive by Using Actions

  • What is an action?
  • Options for running actions
  • Highlight actions
  • Filter actions
  • URL actions

Options for sharing work

  • Tableau packaged workbooks
  • Publishing to Tableau server(web)
  • Publishing to Tableau Rader
  • Publishing to Tableau Public
  • Publishing to PDF
  • Exporting to an image file
  • Exporting the data only

Introduction and Getting Started

  • Tableau Desktop’s role in the Tableau product line
  • Application Terminology
  • View Terminology
  • Data Terminology
  • Visual cues for fields


  • Desktop architecture
  • Customizing data connections
  • Data blending

Working with calculated Data

  • Review basic calculations
  • Understanding where calculations occur
  • Options for documenting your calculations
  • Aggregating as attributes in calculations for data conversion
  • Advanced table calculations

Working with Parameters

Advanced mapping

  • Automatic geocoding of data
  • Built- in geocoding
  • Custom geocoding
  • Path mapping of point to point distribution
  • Using background images for spatial analysis

Building Advanced Visualizations

  • Comparing measures towards a goal or benchmark
  • Bar in bar
  • Bullet graph
  • Top or Bottom N
  • Nested top N
  • Distributions of data
  • Box and whisker plot
  • Pareto analysis
  • Program management (Gantt chart)
  • Market segmentation(Master basket analysis)
  • Additional visualizations

Building Better dashboards

  • Reviewing types of actions
  • Use of parameters as filters
  • Best practices in Tableau dashboard design

               Sharing your work

  • Packaging workbooks
  • Publishing to Tableau server (web)
  • Publishing to Tableau Rader
  • Publishing to Tableau Public
  • Publishing to PDF
  • Exporting to an image file
  • Exporting the data only

              Tableau File Types and Extensions

              Tableau server

              Installing and Configuring Tableau Server

  • Single server installation
  • Single server configuration

Tableau server Administration

  • Content Administration
  • User and group administration
  • Site administration

Security and Permissions in Tableau Server

  • License level
  • User rights
  • Roles
  • Permissions precedence

Working with data

  • Task scheduling and extracts
  • Embedding URLs

Command line Tools Basic

              Administration & Configuration

  • Tableau file type and extensions
  • Component functions
  • Sharing work
  • Publishing to Tableau server
  • Publishing to Tableau Public
  • Tableau public premium
  • Tableau packaged workbooks
  • Tableau Reader
  • Save to office and share image file
  • Save to PDF
  • Export data only

 Architecture and component Functions

  • Gateway server
  • Repository service
  • Application server
  • vizQL server
  • Fast data engine
  • Backgrounder service
  • Data server

Process Flows

  • Create a visualization in Tableau desktop
  • Publish a visualization to Tableau server
  • View a visualization in Tableau server
  • Schedule an extract or data source
  • Add a user in Tableau server

Single Server installations

  • Minimum requirements
  • Resolutions for common installation issues
  • Managing product keys
  • Initial configuration

Tableau server administration

  • Content Administration
  • Site Administration
  • User Administration
  • Group Administration

Tableau server security Model

  • Overview
  • Authentication
  • Authorization and permissions

Tableau Server Configuration

  • Data Server
  • Schedule and task administration
  • Subscriptions
  • Data Security
  • Embedding and URL parameters
  • Command line utilities
  • Log files administration
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Performance recording
  • Advanced configuration options
  • SSL Configuration
  • Java script and TDE API

Real Time Project Overview

  • Banking projects case study
  • Supply chain project case study
  • Job Assistance
  • Job guaranty for shortlisted candidates
  • Job support After Getting JOB
  • FAQ’s
  • Hard copy Material
  • Resume preparation
  • Recordings Available in Lab

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