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Tableau – Simple Guide to become Expert

Welcome to the new pioneering concept of Tableau. This is the best place where you can learn the TABLEAU Course at free of cost. Here I shared the concept from Root Point. This is just a quick review on the tableau and you need to follow us for a complete course with a Free of Cost.

Most of the people think like What is this Tableau? Prerequisites to Learn Tableau? Who will learn tableau? Tableau Course Duration? Course Details of Tableau? Etc. These are the different questions which are come across people’s  mind when they think about to learn tableau course.

Tableau Training in hyderabad

Tableau Training in hyderabad

Here is the best solution for all your questions guys. This is the page where you get information about the most pioneering data visualization tool called Tableau. People showing interest in data scientist or data analyst jobs and want to learn the business intelligence tool can start learning this amazing tool called Tableau.

We have created this page to explain everything about Tableau. After completing this complete page, you will get a complete idea of connecting multiple data sources like Excel, SQL server and other databases in very less time by avoiding complex coding.

What do you learn in this Tableau Course?

After reading this page, you will understand the concepts like Architecture, data analysis, visualization, reporting and dashboard etc. Apart from these concepts, you will also have knowledge of tableau maps, filter, calculation, graphs etc.

Why Should I learn Tableau Course?
Data Visualization is an act of giving information in an easy manner so that a non-anlyst or non-programmable person can also understand easily. It is a perfect blend of various elements like colours, dimensions, labels etc. Currently, the most popular tools for visualization/ data discovery are Qlikview and Tableau.
Tableau is one of the most fast growing Business Intelligence & data visualization tool. The main advantage of learning Tableau is, very fast to deploy, easy to learn, very easy to use for the customer.

Tableau Meaning

Before going for in-depth of tableau Course, we will understand, What exactly Tableau is?
What is Tableau? Simply, Tableau is a data visualization tool which is frequently used in Business Industry. It is a very fast growing course these days because it helps in simplifying raw data into an easily understandable format. People who don’t have coding skills can also visualize the raw data with the help of tableau for any industry where it is required.

Users can easily create and share the dashboard which easily despite things to clients in the form of graphs and charts. We can easily make the connection among files, big data sources in order to process the data we have. In most of the cases, we need this tool for visualizing data in business, academic researchers along with other government organizations.

So guys, who want to create, write, read or modify existing business intelligence report can use this amazing tool, Tableau. A most helpful tool for people wants to become a data analyst or data scientist.

What are the Prerequisites to learn this Tableau Course? 

Here I am saying about prerequisites that we require to learn Tableau. There are no specific prerequisites required for this tool and anyone those who have basic knowledge on computer along with its basic terminologies and data analysis, knowledge on different types of graphs and charts etc can learn. Having SQL is an added advantage for better understanding.


Features of Tableau

As the most popular data visualization tool in the market, Tableau has many desirable and unique features and the details overview  is a follows
Patented technology from Stanford University.

Toggle view and drag-and-drop.
List of native data connectors.
Share dashboards.
Embed dashboards within.
Highlight and filter data.
Mobile-ready dashboards.
Data notification

List of Topics Covered under this Course

Here is the list of topics we covered under this course.

Application, Architecture, Installation, Terminology, Navigation, Design Flow, Files & Data Files, Operators, Dashboards, Functions, Extraction, Blending, Filters, Page Workbook, Word Cloud, Web Map Service, Population Pyramid, Difference between Tableau & QlikView, Case Studies.

TABLEAU Course Syllabus:

1 Tableau Training Overview

1.1 What is Tableau?

1.2 Objectives of the Course

1.3 Who should go for this course?

 Different Integrations to Tableau

Excel / Spreadsheets

SQL Server




The architecture of Tableau Desktop

Building statistics and interactive dashboards

Extracting, organizing and formatting data

Tableau generated field and creating and using parameters

2 Tableau Course Content

2.1 Introduction to Data Where housing

2.2  Business Intelligence

2.3 Tableau Introduction

2.4 Tableau Components

2.5 Tableau Extensions

2.7 Dash Board Components

2.8 Data Connection in Tableau Interface

2.9 Data Joins in Tableau

2.10 Data Blending in Tableau

2.11 Graphs/Charts/Bars

2.12 Maps

2.13 Filters and Types

2.14 Creating and Using Parameters

2.15 Groups and Sets

2.16 Calculated Fields

2.17 Trend Analysis

2.18 Fore Casting and Reference Lines

2.19 Annotations

2.20 Aggregation and Disaggregation

2.21 Page-shelf or Automated Maps

2.22 Drop Lines

2.23 Actions in Tableau

2.24 Hierarchy in Tableau

2.25 Tableau Advanced Charts – User defined Charts (IMP)

Connecting Tableau With Tableau Server and topics

Connecting Tableau With Tableau Online and topics

2.26 Case Study

FAQs on Tableau

1. Does Tableau Require Coding? 
Tableau is just a data visualization & Business Intelligence tool. There is no programming knowledge required to learn this application. But People working on Tableau need to apply some logic and write formulas.

2. What skills that tableau developer requires?
If they have knowledge of Basic database skills, data preparation – Extract, Transform and load & knowledge on business, maths, statistics etc.

3. What is the Scope of Tableau?
This is the most powerful tool in the field of business intelligence. So, the demand for people having Tableau experience keep on raising.

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