Selenium with Python

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Selenium with Python Course Syllabus:


  • Learn Python Programming by doing!
  • This training is packed with real-life challenges which you will learn to Some of these we will solve together, some you will have as homework exercises.
  • Selenium is widely used for automating Web Application
  • It is Open Source tool, Hence Many Companies Prefer to cut down the project Maintenance cost which increased demand for selenium testers
  • In this course you will learn to implement selenium using python in the most easiest way and how it can be integrated to various platforms and tools across browsers and operating systems


  • No prior knowledge or experience
  • Only a passion to be successful!

Course Objectives

  • After Successful completion of course , you should be able to:
    • Fluently write selenium scripts with essential exception handling by automating all possible actions performed on a browser
    • Handle most of daily run scenarios automated!
    • Validate page content using selenium
    • Creating reusable automation tests/methods
    • Create data driven, keyword driven and hybrid frameworks
  • Practical Usage of exception handling in selenium framework

Dealing with Data:

  • File Operations: Creating/Opening File and attributes
  • File Operations: Reading/writing to a file
  • File Operations: Practical ExamplesPython Programming Basics
  • Why Python
  • Installing Python/Anaconda
  • Installing IDE – Pycharm Community Edition/ Sublime Text
  • Using Python Interpreter
  • Interactive
  • Batch mode/ executing a python script
  • Indentation Concepts
  • First Python Program
  • Datatypes and Variables in python
  • Operators
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Comparison/Relational Operators
    • Bitwise Operators
    • Assignment Operators
    • Membership Operators
    • Operators Precedence
  • Take Inputs from User
  • String Handling/Operations
  • Conditional Statements
    • IF / Simple IF
    • IF…ELSE
    • Practical Examples with conditions
  • Loops
    • For Loop
      • Using Index
      • Using Values
    • While Loop
    • Practical Examples with Loops along with Break, Continue, Pass
  • List, Tuples, Dictionaries , Sets in python
    • Single dimension
    • Multi-dimensional
    • Practical Examples with Conditions
  • List Comprehensions
  • Functions
    • Standard/ Built In
    • Custom / User Defined
    • Practical Usage with Function Input/Return type Parameters

Exception Handling

  • Exception handling with ..except…finally block
  • Important of Exception handling
  • Different types of exceptions
  • DB Operations: How to Connect to any given DB (MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL etc.)
  • DB Operations: Select Queries and results processing
    • Practical Examples

Introduction to Selenium and its Components

  • What is selenium
  • Who developed selenium
  • Selenium Components

Selenium IDE

  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • First script in Selenium IDE
  • How to use locators in Selenium IDE
  • Enhancements of IDE Scripts
  • Creating and Running Scripts

WebDriver Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Comparison with other modules
  • Web driver Architecture
  • First script creation web driver

Launching AUT and Inspecting properties of Elements

  • Launching Test in
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Chrome
    • Safari
  • Inspecting properties of elements on different browsers
  • Inspect element module of browser

Automating Operations on Various Elements

  • Browser
  • Textbox
  • List Box
  • Links
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • HTML Tables
  • Calendars

Automating Keyboard and Mouse Events

  • Action Class
  • Key Board Events
  • Drag and Drop Actions
  • Mouse Hover Actions
  • Right Click, Double click and Tooltip

Handling Multiple Windows

  • Switching between tabs/windows
  • Handling elements present in different windows

Handling Alerts

  • Accept
  • Dismiss
  • Get Text
  • Send Keys

Handling Frames

  • iframe Concept
  • Locating iframe
  • Switching between iframes
  • Handling iframes

Creating Customize XPATH/CSS Selectors

  • What is Xpath and its types
  • When to Use Xpath
  • Specifying conditions with Xpath
  • CSS Selectors
  • Customizing CSS Selectors


  • Implicit wait
  • Explicit wait
  • Page Timeouts

Testing Frameworks

  • Types of Testing Frameworks
    • Keyword Driven
    • Data Driven
    • Hybrid Framework
  • Overview of unit test, nose test in python
  • Suite Creation in various frameworks
  • Page Object Model
    • POM – What and why?
    • Advantages of POM
    • Creating tests in POM
    • Creating simple test suite


  • Installation
  • Components of software
  • Using finder tools ( Auto IT) and SWAPY(pywinauto)
  • Basic Commands and Documentation reference
  • Creating scripts
  • Creating executable files of scripts written
  • Integration Factor/Running scripts from selenium

Selenium GRID

  • What is Selenium Grid
  • When to Use it
  • What is a Hub and Node
  • How to Install and Use Grid
  • Designing test scripts that can run on the grid
  • Running tests on different operating systems
  • Running tests on different browsers


  • Downloading and installing GIT
  • Overview of GitHub
  • Configuring SSH Keys
  • GIT BASH commands
  • Commit/Push Codes to the repository

Custom Framework

  • Intro and Demo
  • Full Feature List
  • Install Requirements
  • Framework/package installation
  • Basic Example and Usage
  • How a Framework helps
  • Generating Test Reports(shareable)
  • Method Summary

Integrations into different tools.

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