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Power BI Course Overview

Looking for Best Training Institute in Hyderabad for Microsoft Power BI Course? The final endpoint comes now. Pandit link – Best Classroom and Online Training Institute for learning most trending tool in the market, called Power BI. Our hands-on experienced staff will teach you everything about Power BI to make experts.

Power BI Training in Hyderabad

Power BI Training in Hyderabad

As per students convenience, we provide both online as well as classroom training classes at affordable prices. After learning power bi course, you can easily understand the concepts of Microsoft Power BI including architecture, Desktop Service, Visualizations, reports & delivering business insights, mobile applications etc. At the end of the Course, we will provide you with a detailed material we got from Microsoft for “Analysing Data with Power BI”.

Let’s Understand the Overview of Power BI Course ………

What is Microsoft Power BI Course?

Power BI is a Business Analytics Service offered by the Microsoft, so the name called as Microsoft Power BI. It is an easy tool which lets you visualize the data across the organization and share your company insights. You can embed them into your website or app easily. The outline of Microsoft Power BI is specified here.

In a simple definition, Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors which are working together and arrange the unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

The below image will help you to understand clearly about the Power BI and its functionality.

Power BI Training in Hyderabad

Power BI is a fast-growing tool which helps business enterprises having data with them and don’t have a specific tool to extract insights from it. At the ending of this course, you will become an expert like professionals from ground level to advance level. Not only training classes, but you will also work on real-time projects which will help you to have a real-time experience.

Objectives of Power BI Course 

A brief Overview about Microsoft Power BI Course is listed here for understanding in a better way.
⦁ Basic Concepts of Business Intelligence
⦁ Introduction to SSBI & its tools
⦁ Overview of Power BI
⦁ Building Blocks of Power BI
⦁ Power BI Desktop
⦁ Exploring Power BI Desktop
⦁ Report on Power BI
⦁ In depth concept of Power BI and how it works in different cases
⦁ Power BI in three vital components – Mobile, Desktop, Service etc.
⦁ Analyzing data and derive insights from multiple Excel Spreadsheets or local database
⦁ Finally, working on live project to get hands on experience.

Who are Eligible to Learn Power BI Course?

⦁ People searching for Business Analytics, Business development manager etc
⦁ Project managers for showing insights within the organization are eligible to learn this course.
⦁ Both SQL Professionals & IT Professionals are also eligible.

Is Power BI is Growing Tool?

⦁ As per Gartner, within 2 years Worldwide Business Intelligence and Analytics Market grow to $22.8 billion.
⦁ IBM Survey tells us that 70% of leading companies says that Analytics is integral to how they make decisions.
⦁ says that the average salary of power BI Professional is  $114,000 per year.

At last, Power BI puts power in your hands for all business enterprises and departments which are looking for business insights. Easily you can convert the data collected from multiple sources into a report, graph, or data visualization as per your interest and requirement.

Power BI is an open source which doesn’t require any technical knowledge or IT Support to create insights. If you use power BI tool for generating insights of an organization, you can easily deploy it than other tools available in the market.

Prerequisites to learn Power BI Course

No need of having technical Knowledge to learn this power BI Course. Candidates having SQL Programming Knowledge is an added advantage.

Course Content of Power BI

⦁ Introduction
⦁ Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
⦁ Power BI Workflow Key features
⦁ Desktop Application
⦁ BI Service
⦁ File Data Sources
⦁ Dashboard Building
⦁ Data Visualization
⦁ DAX Data Computation
⦁ Row Context
⦁ Filter Context
⦁ Analytics Pane
⦁ Creating Columns and Measures
⦁ Drill down & Drill up data
⦁ Tables creation
⦁ Binned Tables
⦁ Data Modelling & relationships
⦁ Various Components – Power View, Map, Query, Pivot, Power Q & A, and understanding advanced visualization.

⦁ Data Extracting
⦁ ETL Functionalities
⦁ Data Mashup Introduction
⦁ Working with Excel data
⦁ Powe BI Personal Gateway learning
⦁ Data Extraction from Files
⦁ Folders & database
⦁ Working with Azure SQL Data Base and database source
⦁ How to Connect to an analytics server
⦁ Power BI SAAS Functionalities

⦁ Power Query for Data Transformation
⦁ Power BI installation
⦁ Various Requirements and configuration settings
⦁ Power Query
⦁ Intro to Query Editor
⦁ Data transformation – Column, row, text, data type, adding & filling columns, Column Formatting, transpose table, appending, splitting, formatting data, Pivot & unpivot, date & time calculations, index and conditional columns, Tables Summary, writing custom functions and error handling etc.

⦁ DAX Queries
⦁ Introduction to Power Pivot
⦁ Learning about the xVelocity engine
⦁ Various versions and relationships
⦁ Advantages of Power Pivot
⦁ Strongly typed datasets
⦁ learning about Table,
⦁ Context Interactions,
⦁ Calculated Members,
⦁ embedding Power Pivot in Power BI Desktop
⦁ Table, and
⦁ Logical,
⦁ Data Analysis Expressions,
⦁ Text,
⦁ Context over Relations,
⦁ Power Pivot advanced functionalities,
⦁ Iterator,
⦁ date and time functions,
⦁ Information,
⦁ Filter & Evaluation Context,
⦁ DAX advanced features,
⦁ Schema Relations,
⦁ ranking and rank over groups,
⦁ Calculated Tables,
⦁ Functions,
⦁ Time Intelligence
⦁ Measures,
⦁ Cumulative Charts,
⦁ Row etc.

⦁ Data Visualization with Analytics
⦁ mastering the best practices,
⦁ visually rich formats, categorizing,
⦁ visualization interaction,
⦁ Power BI Desktop visualization,
⦁ Hierarchies,
⦁ understanding Power View and Power Map,
⦁ Charts,
⦁ Custom Visualization,
⦁ deploying Power View on SharePoint and Excel,
⦁ Scorecards,
⦁ formatting and customizing visuals,
⦁ comparing volume and value-based analytics,
⦁ working with Power View to create Reports,
⦁ filtering and sorting data using Power View,
⦁ top down and bottom up analytics,
⦁ SandDance visualization,
⦁ Authenticate a Power BI web application, Embedding dashboards in applications
⦁ Deep dive into Power BI data visualization.

⦁ Power BI Desktop & Administration
⦁ Power BI Desktop
⦁ Collect data from multiple data sources
⦁  Concepts of Data Modelling & data relationships
⦁ Knowledge on how power query works in power BI Desktop
⦁ Deploying data gateways
⦁ Scheduling data refresh
⦁ Groups management and row level security
⦁ Datasets
⦁ Reports & dashboards
⦁ Working with calculated measures
⦁ Data visualization

⦁ Power Q & A
⦁ Introduction to power Q & A concepts
⦁ Answer to tough queries using natural language
⦁ Getting answers in various forms like charts, graphs etc.
This is the overview of the complete Power BI Course from, the best online & Classroom training Institute in KPHB for Power BI Course. You can reach us for any query related to Power BI Course. Feel free to contact us to know more about training sessions and materials etc.

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