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Power BI Course Syllabus:

What is Microsoft Power BI

  • Understanding the Power BI environment
  • Creating a Microsoft Power BI Account
  • Installing Power BI Desktop

Exploring Power BI Desktop

  • Working with the Fields and Visualisation Panes
  • Using Report View to create visualizations
  • Using Data View to sort and Format data

Understanding Data Sources in Power BI Desktop

  • Importing a variety of data sources into Power BI Desktop
  • Connecting to Excel Workbooks, Access Databases, CSV Files and other data locations.

Creating a Data Model in Power BI desktop

  • Understanding the Data Model
  • Using Relationship View
  • Creating Many-to-One relationships
  • Understanding Filter propagation

Visualisations Workshop using Power BI Desktop

  • Adding visualisation to the Report Canvas
  • Understanding and controlling interactions between visualisations
  • Using Drill Down and Drill Through on visualisations
  • Creating and using Hierarchies
  • Importing custom visualisations
    (Course attendees can practice creating and designing a variety of the many interactive visalisations available in Power BI)
  • Time Intelligence Functions

Using Queries in Power BI Desktop

  • Understanding the role of Queries in data import
  • Understanding Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)
  • Exploring a variety of data transformations
  • Working with Applied Steps
  • Creating and using Query Parameters

Publishing to Power BI Service

  • Publish your Report to
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Using Quick Insights
  • Using Q & A for interactive data searching.

Importing Data into Power BI Service

  • Connecting to a variety of Cloud-based data sources, including One Drive, Google Analytics, Azure SQL Databases and Websites.

Using Excel’s Power Pivot Data Model in Power BI Service

  • Using Excel, importing data from a variety of sources into Power Pivot
  • Creating a Power Pivot Data Model in Excel
  • Importing a Power Pivot data Model into Power BI Service
  • Creating a variety of visualisations in Power BI Service using Power Pivot data.

Sharing your Dashboards & Content Packs

  • How to share your intuitive Power BI Dashboards with individuals both inside and outside your association.
  • Sharing using Power BI, Web, PowerPoint and others
  • Creating and Managing Content Packs

Data Refresh

  • Manually refreshing data
  • Installing and using the Personal Gateway
  • Installing and using the Enterprise Gateway

Introduction to DAX in Power BI Desktop

  • Exploring the importance of custom calculation within the Data Model
  • Creating Calculated Columns & Measures
  • Understanding Evaluation Context
  • Using Count Rows and Distinct Count Functions
  • Advanced DAX functions: SUMX and CALCULATE
  • Creating a Scheduled Refresh

Using Power BI on Mobile Devices

  • Understanding the mobile clients
  • Tablet Clients, Windows 10, IPad and Android
  • Differences between IPhone, IPad and Android clients

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