Manual Testing

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Manual Testing Course Syllabus:


  • Mobile Automation Testing Introduction
  • Overview of Mobile automation testing tools
  • Adv & Disadvantages of mobile automation tools
  • Why APPIUM?
  • Limitations in APPIUM
  • APPIUM Architecture

Types of Mobile Apps

  • Native Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Apps

APPIUM – Android Version Installation

  • Installing JDK
  • Maven
  • Android SDK
  • Basic Installation for APPIUM on Windows
  • Downloading APPIUM Dependencies
  • Eclipse IDE configuration

Mobile APK files

  • What is APK file?
  • Sources to get APK files?
  • Installing application on real device using the APK file
  • Automating sample application

APK files in Emulators & Real Devices

  • Download Android platforms using SDK manager
  • Share & control real Android device screen from PC
  • Create Vitual Devices/Emulators using AVD manager
  • Different ways of installing APK file in Android Device

Locators/Object Identification

  • UI Automator Viewer
  • APPIUM Inspector
  • Element finding Strategies
  • Locating elements by ID, Name , Class Name

APPIUM Desired Capabilities

  • APPIUM API Reference
  • What are desired capabilities
  • Launcher Activity & AppPackage of Mobile App

APPIUM Basic Commands

  • sendKeys(), click(), getLocation(), getContextHandles(), findElement(), closeApp(), quit()…

Touch gestures-Drag & Drop, Multi Touch, Swipe, Scroll

  • Drag & Drop using touch action class
  • Click & Swipe using touch action class
  • Multitouch & Drop using multitouch action class
  • Swipe using screen coordinates – Indexes
  • Long press using touch action class

Mobile browser – automating mobile web application

  • Introduction – Mobile web automation
  • How to get user agent from android browser
  • Identifying the objects on mobile browser
  • Automating mobile specific websites

Automating Built-In Apps

  • Making call with Internal Dialer Application
  • Sending SMS from a real device
  • Automating a mobile app (Native App)
  • Emulators
  • Touch Actions & Events
  • Handling User gestures
  • Automating Hybrid App
  • Automating Web Based Testing in mobile


APPIUM – Installation

  • Installing JDK
  • Maven
  • Android SDK
  • Xcode configuration
  • Basic Installation for APPIUM on MAC
  • Downloading APPIUM Dependencies
  • Install APPIUM from command line using npm

APPIUM – IOS App download

  • Emulators Vs Simulators
  • iOS app download
  • Share iOS device Screen on MAC
  • Development Build on Real iOS device
  • Using APPIUM inspector to identify the element properties

Safari browser on iOS device

  • Example first iOS test case design & execution
  • Launch safari browser on iOS simulator
  • Launch safa browser on iOS real device

iOS controls on real iOS device

  • Steppers
  • Switches
  • Sliders
  • Picker Wheel
  • Date Picker
  • Segmented Controls
  • Page Indicator
  • Handling alerts

Framework configuration

  • Introduction to framework
  • Continuous Integration tools – detailed explanation
  • Parameterizing desired capabilities using Maven
  • Integrating APPIUM with Jenkins
  • Daynamic parameterization on desired capabilities using Jenkins
  • Scheduling the framework to run at specific time

Saucelabs – Cloud Integration with APPIUM

  • Integrate APPIUM iOS tests with Saucelabs
  • Integrate APPIUM Android tests with Saucelabs

Launch APPIUM with Programs

  • Launch APPIUM on Windows
  • Launch APPIUM on MAC

Page Factory model – Automating iOS App

  • Introduction – Page object pattern & Page factory
  • Developing Page Object model and extending Page factory support
  • Creating Abstract Test & Abstract Page
  • Designing Test in Page factory model
  • Using @iOSFindBy & @AndroidFindBy Annotations

Parallel APPIUM Test execution

  • Run APPIUM Test across multiple devices using Grid

Capture screen shots & Videos in APPIUM (Android & iOS)

  • Record video screen during test execution (Android & iOS)
  • Eclipse IDE – fix for ADB path error during video capture on Android

APPIUM 1.7.1 Version

  • Overview & introduction of APPIUM latest version
  • Introduction to XCUITest with iOS simulator
  • APPIUM Desktop App & XCUITest config with real device

Hybrid framework (POM implementation)

  • Hybrid framework introduction
  • Framework implementation

Automation Testing process in Real time

  • APPIUM Process in real time

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