What is Uipath ? Benefits, Components of Uipath RPA Software ?


Uipath is a Robotic Process Automation which is used for windows desktop Automation. And it is complete solution for Application integration, and automating third – party application, and Business IT Process.
The Uipath studio the best part is, Uipath also comes with a community edition which is free for lifetime and has most of the functionality of the studio version.

Benefits of Uipath:

  • Uipath RPA is at the forefront of transforming the future of Robotic Process Automation tool. It  is the best software is designed to serve business of different sizes.
  • Uipath provides a reliable technology  that adds impetus to their innovation and Uipath is business  integrates the robots without altering the legacy system, and all this is achieved at a fractional cost of their human equivalent.
  • Uipath is Robots are trainable, and they view the interface just like a human.
  • Uipath leads to high productivity and reduces the handling time in helpdesk, service desk and call center activities.
  • Uipath has a standard studio version which has a trial period of 60days for RPA Uipath software
  • Uipath helps you to monitor and audit their activities, manage work queues and schedule all processes.
  • The Orchestrator provides deep workflow information.
  • It is designer is easy to learn and use. and powerful analytics for better decision making.


Components of Uipath RPA Software:

  • Uipath studio:

Uipath studio is process modeling, environment consumer can model process Automation. It is an advanced tool that enables  you to design Automation processes in a visual manner, through  the use of powerful recorders and diagrams.


  • Uipath Robot:

Uipath robots is a digital worker, which performs scheduled work in massive batches or completely it own. And executes the processes built in studio, as a human would and this tool is powered by modern and advanced computer processing used to execute accurate and accelerated Automation for CITRIX, SAP and even mainframe processes.


  • Uipath orchestrator:

Uipath Orchestrator is a web application that enables you to deploy, schedule ,monitor and manage Robots and processes ,The Orchestrator also handles all mission – critical enterprise Responsibilities  centrally.




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