What is RPA ? Best RPA Tools in Present Market ?

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What is RPA ?

The RPA (Robotic  Process Automation ) is a new emerging of tasks using software Robots. it is using RPA you can do any work faster and error free. The process is doing things step by step and Automation is doing things automatically. RPA is depending the robotic software which can the work without human requirement.

RPA Tools :

The Robotic Process Automation some tools are required. The Robotic Process Automation tools to understand the best amongst the rest. The some of tools are required listed below.

  • Blue prism
  • uipath
  • Automation any where
  • pega system
  • softomotive
  • KOFAX from lexmark
  • nice
  • Giant
  • work fusion

so we have literally gone through the popular in Automation space. IT is important of each tools in automation usage.

  • Blue Prism:

Blue prism having the various options that are available in the current market, the best Robotic  Process Automation anywhere, This is section is not going to do any differentiation in specific.

Blue prism is very own makers of Robotic Process Automation software.

  • Uipath :

Uipath is the next leading Robotic Process Automation tool venders in current market,  Uipath has a track record of providing very good automation support with their RPA tools Uipath have provided their RPA based tools in there

  1. uipath
  2. front office and back office – Uipath
  3. Robots
  4. Uipath Orchestrator

 Selecting RPA tools in current market:

The Robotic Process Automation tools that are available in the current market.we should be able to opt for  the best suited Robotic process Automation tool.we  will discuss the through list of factors that influence business organization decision to purchase can be broadly classified in to following below.

  • Technology
  • Interface
  • Management
  • Security
  • Blue prism
  • Uipath


The first technology in which RPA tool has been built, IBM, Main frame, java,web etc….the technology tools has to be platform independent so the Automation  solution should be platform


The most important features is the RPA tools user interface. and the complete user interface will delay the process of implementation and increase the adaptability.


The management to know how effectively to the robots can be managed considering these robots are going to be replacing workface. The process should be in terms of monitoring, process change ,  development re-case etc.


The safe Robots when compared to the humans?

After Robots tools are also  A piece of software and more security controls can be implemented.




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