What is Devops? why is Devops used?


Devops is a culture which promotes collaboration between Development with information technology  operations. The word  “Devops” is a combination of two words” development “and “operations”.

Devops can be defined as an alignment of development  and  IT Operations with collaboration.



Why is Devops?

  • The development and operation team worked in complete isolation.
  • The devops testing and deployment were isolated activities done after design- build.
  • The devops manual code deployment leads to human errors in production.
  • Devops allows agile Development Teams to implement continuous integration.


The important reasons are:


Devops used in offers significantly lower failure rate of new releases


 The  Devops  effortless process of recovery in the event of a new release crashing

Improved communication and collaboration:

 Devops is the software development culture combined Teams are happier and more productive.

when the teams trust each other they can experiment and innovate more effectively.

Increased efficiencies:

Increased efficiency helps to speed the development process. And continuous integration servers automate the process of testing code. Reducing the amount of manual work required .This means software engineers can focus on computing tasks.

Time to market:

Devops reduces the time to market up to 50% through streamlined software delivery and it is case the case for digital and mobile applications.



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