what is Automation Anywhere ?


What is RPA ?

RPA(Robotic Process Automation ) is the Application of technology that allows employees in a company to configure computer software. RPA is more technologically Advanced solutions to around the world.

what is Automation Anywhere ?

Automation Anywhere is one of the well known RPA merchants offering powerful and easy to use RPA capacities to Automate any assignments. It is one of the “Revolutionary Technology” that changes the manner in which the enterprise operates works. This instrument conventional RPA with scholarly components like natural language understanding and reading any unstructured data. Automation Anywhere tool can Automate end to end business activities for companies.

Automation Anywhere Architecture

Automation Anywhere  Architecture Three components there are.

  1. Bot creater
  2. Control Room
  3. Bot Runner

                     Automation Anywhere Architecture



Control room: 

it is an online stage that controls the Automation Anywhere. As it were, the Server controls Automation Anywhere bots. the control room deals with

  • User management
  • Source control : code for the bots is overseen by the control room. So it turns out to be anything but difficult to share the code crosswise over various frameworks.
  • Dashboard: It gives finish examination/aftereffects of Automation Anywhere bots. You can perceive what number of bots are runs and how bot fizzled/passed and so forth is controlled.
  • License Management: The obtained licenses for Automation Anywhere are designed in the Control Room.

Bot Creator :

Developers use Desktop based applications to make bots. Their  licenses are checked with that configured  in the control room. control room can schedule execution of the task in remote machine/bots. These bots could be blended and executed at once.

Bot Runner :

The Bot Runner is where you run the bot. You could have various bots running in parallel. You just need the Run License to run the bots. The bots report back the execution logs/pass/come up short status back to the control room.

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