Uipath -What is Data Scraping ?

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What is Data Scraping ?

Data scraping is a strategy with the assistance of which organized information can be removed from web or any application and spread to a database or .csv file or even excel spreadsheet. Uipath studio provides the facility of data scraping with the assistance of scraping wizard. We can discover the scraping wizard under Design tab.

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The Main Steps for Data Scraping Wizard with Examples :

step 1 :

select the first and last fields in the web page, open the page or application from which you need to extract the data information. We are removing information from our Google contacts for instance.

step2 :

The click the button on data scraping under design tab. will get the following box bellow.

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step 3 :

  • To select the button on Next’ and Click the ‘Next’button then it will give you the option to select the first and last fields in the web page you want to extract the data.

ex :you will be able to select from the Google Contacts page.


step 4 :

To select Once you finished selecting the First element, then will get dialog box for selecting second element. it follows.


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step 5 :

To select the button on click Next and select the second element, then will get another dialog box  ad its help of which we can customize column headers and chose whether or not to extract URLs.

data scraping_image

step 6 :

preview data the Next, Uipath studio will give the Extract wizard to preview the data. It would be our decision to Extract Correlated information or Finish the extraction here. On the off chance that you Extract Correlated information. and edit the numbers of maximum results. it extracted and change the order of the columns.

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it will separate fields from extract preview data prompt box.

data scraping_image

step 7 :

When you completed the extraction it will make the inquiry” is information spreading over different pages?” If you are removing the information from numerous pages at that point tap on Yes, generally No. We have clicked No in light of the fact that information extraction here is occurring from single page as it were.

data scraping _image

Step 8 :

Finally it will make the activity sequence in the Designer tab as follows.

data scraping_image

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