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The work flow design is fundamental for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) items to give their clients a stunning knowledge. One approach to do this is to make visual work process Robotization clear and natural. UiPath is giving computerized work flow structure which can be utilized without programming information.

Layout Diagrams:

uipath offers three diagrams for activities into a working structure when building up a work process record:

  • Flow chart
  • Sequence
  • State machine
  • Global Exception Handler


Flow Chart :

A flowchart is a graphical representation of a process in which each progression is spoken to by various symbols associated with arrows. Flowchart is truly outstanding among the three format graphs of UiPath work process since it is adaptable and will in general spread out a work process in two-dimensional manner. They can showcase  decision points wit in a process effectively inferable from their visual appeal.

Sequence :

sequence have a simple basic representation that streams through and are most appropriate for straightforward situations when activities follow each other. for example , they are helpful in UI automation, when route and typing happens a single click/keystroke at once. because  arrangements are anything but difficult to gather and comprehend they are the favored format for generally work flows.

State Machine :

State machine is a perplexing structure that stores the status of something at a given point of time. It tends to be limited. State machine are spoken to by using state diagrams or at the end of the day they are flowcharts with contingent bolts called transitions. Structures like state machines are most appropriate for a standard abnormal state process graph of value-based business process formats.


Global Exception Handler :

The Exception Handler is intended to be utilized in both little and huge mechanization ventures, for recognizing execution blunders and above all, deciding the work process conduct when such a mistake happens. On the off chance that an execution blunder is experienced amid troubleshooting, the Global Exception Handler might be set to venture in and enable you to check the work process’ conduct in understanding to the alternatives recently set in the Exception Handler.

Type of Decision :

Decision need to be implemented in a workflow to  the activity or procedure of choosing something, is another imperative piece of work process plan. The Decision empowers the Robot to respond distinctively in different conditions in information preparing and application collaboration. Visual structure and clarity of a work process are essential and sort of choice picked would bigly affect the equivalent. The followings are kinds of choices we can actualize in a work process…

If Activity:

This is the most simple type of  choice which can be understood whether you know about programming or not. Related with genuine circumstances, the on the off chance that action has one explanation and two conditions to be specific, and Else. The “At that point” condition would be executed if the announcement is valid; generally the Else condition would be executed. In UiPath work process you can seek ‘if’ movement from action board and include it by drag and drop. Fundamentally the ‘if’ action parts a grouping vertically and most appropriate for short straight branches. Following screen shot will give an understanding about ‘if’ movement.

work flow_image

Switch Activity :

The Switch movement might be once in a while utilized in assembly with the If administrator to streamline and minimal an If… Else If course with particular conditions and exercises per branch.


Flow Switch :

Flow switch is an action that parts the control stream into at least three branches. Among them, just a single will be executed and the execution will rely on whether the predetermined condition is met or not. We can associate in excess of 12 cases by beginning more associations from a similar switch hub and the associated exercises are consequently numbered where the first would be the default case. We can change the names of cases from property board. The accompanying screen capture gives a knowledge about stream switch activity..

workflow design_image

Flow Decision :

Flowchart formats are useful for showcasing important  business logic and related conditions like settled If explanations or If… Else If develops. There are situations where a Flowchart may look great even inside a Sequence.


Naming Conventions :

The workflow in UiPath, should need to assign names to workflow files, activities, arguments and variables. The names we give must be meaningful so that their usage can be accurately describe the project and the tasks involved.

To give meaningful names, UiPath provides us the following naming convention which is prescribed to follows

  • To give important names must be in upper CamelCase. Example: First Name, Last Name
  • Factors names must be in upper CamelCase along with the prefix showing the type of argument. Example: in FileName, out FileName, io DivideByZero
  • The work process name ought to have the action word that depicts the working of the work process. Model: TakeScreenshot, ProcessTranslation.

Appropriate naming of exercises, factors also contentions reduce the effort to read and understand the project.



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