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Uipath studio – Recording is an essential part of UiPath Studio, that can enable you save a lot of time of time while automating your business forms. This functionally enables you to effectively catch a client’s activities on the screen and makes an translates them into sequences.

About Recording:

You can find Recording choice under Design Tab of UiPath Studio. A critical point about account is that a portion of the activities are non-recordable. Following table will indicate naturally recordable just as non-recordable activities.


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Types of Recording:

Uipath studio provides recording types there are

  • Basic Recording
  • Desktop Recording
  • Web Recording
  • citrix Recording
  • Image Recording.

The following  screenshot shows in bellow


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Basic Recording :

Basic recording is reasonable for single movement. It basically produces a full selector for every action. It doesn’t create compartments consequently the automation is slower in comparison with the other sort that produces containers.


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Desktop Recording:

As the name recommends, it is reasonable for all types of Desktop applications and multiple activities. It creates holder and subsequently it is faster than Basic account.

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 Web Recording :

As name recommends, it is suitable for all types of recording in web applications and programs. It likewise produces compartments and hence faster than Basic record as well.

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citrix Recording:

This sort of recording is used to record virtualized situations like VNC, virtual machines etc… It essentially requires explicit situating and allows just image, content and keyboard automation.

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Image Recording :

Used to record virtualized situations, (for example, VNC, virtual machines, Citrix, and more) or SAP. It allows just picture,  text and keyboard automation, and requires explicit situating.

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