Uipath – screen scraping ?


The Uipath studio provides an innovative technique for extracting text from any element. It is web scraping is a prime feature of the screen- scraping landscape, these methods are screen scraping.screen scraping1

How to  use screen scraping methods ?

UiPath studio screen scraping wizard has three techniques for scraping information from a specified UI element. The technique will be automatically chosen by UiPath studio and showed at the highest point of the Screen Scraping window.

Presently the inquiry emerges that if the technique is chosen naturally, would can able to transform it according to my necessity? Truly, it tends to be changed from Option board where Scraping Method is composed and after that press the Refresh button.

  • After click the refresh button, then will uipath studio save the information in designer panel.
  • If you want to copy that information to the clipboard then you can click on finish button.

The Screen scraping, it seen in the case of Desktop recording, generates a container containing activities and partial selectors for each activates. You can refer the following screenshot given bellow

sreen scraping_image

There are three scraping methods:

Native :

Native screen scraping method aside from scraping the text ,and other text properties such as font style color.

Full text :

The choose full text use screen scraping method then you will get the following bellow features

Ignore Hidden :

The name suggests, if you select this option..the hidden text from selected from Ui element. it will not be copied.

screen scraping_image


OCR should be used screen scraping virtual desktop applications and citrix applications

The choose following OCR method features are there.

  • OCR Engine : (Google OCR )
  • languages :

if you can select languages by default it will get the option English

  • characters :

if Any character, Number only, Letters, Uppercase, Lowercase, Phone Numbers, Currency, Date and Custom

  • invert:

screen scraping you can invert the color of the UI element ,in case when the background is darker than the text color, before scraping.

  • scale:

you can select UI element are image ,(It is recommended with small images as more the scaling factor is, more you can enlarge the image.)

  • Get words info:

It will get the option enables to on-screen position of every scraped word.

 screen scraping_image

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