RPA Interview Questions and Answers

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1.What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is a type of Automation. Where a machine or  computer  a  human action in completing rules based task.

2.How to RPA is Different from Test Automation ?

It is both test Automation and RPA involve in Automation and offer advantages of reducing manual intervention and delivering quality but these two are different RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Automates business process like data entry ,queries, calculations  and  transactions in various organizations. Where as test Automates software testing process it automates functional testing, performance testing web services testing etc… for software products.

3.What type of process can be Automated with RPA ?

Robotic Process Automation .It can be used perform various tasks these include Maintenance of Records Queries, calculations and transactions additionally any Applications commonly used by your company can be operated by RPA SYTRICS, DOTNET, HTML, and JAVA are all technologies commonly supported by RPA compatible system includes main frame terminals SAP, Oracle, many more ,RPA can be configure to perform almost any rules based tasks .

4.What are the popular RPA tools ?

popular RPA tools are to automate the business process

  • blue prism:

It is the trading name of the blue prism group a UK multinational software Automation the term Robotic Process Automation was Invented by blue prism that itself they are the

blue prism software development.

  • Automation Any Where :

It is another top RPA vendors providing powerful and user friendly Robotic Automation tools to Automation tasks of any complexity.

  • Uipath:

Uipath is a windows desktop Robotic Process Automation of various web desktop citric etc..based Applications other popular RPA tools are pega, work fusion  etc….

5.How to select a RPA tool ?

The RPA Tool by considering several factors. we select a RPA tool for business process Automation.

  • Technology:

The technology is for most RPA tool has-been belt like :Microsoft ,DOT NET, WEB, JAVA, etc…The tool has to be platform independent considering  many of the organization. perform there day to day task outside the local desktop using citric etc..so the Automation should be able to support any Application and platform

  • Interface:

It is important factor it is complex interface will delay the process of implementation and interface the learning and adoptability more user friendly interface like drag and drop image reorganization  etc..would be better..

  • Management:

It is also important to know How efficiency and easily the Robots can be managed considering these Robots are going to be replace your human workforce. there should be high of visibility control informs of process monitoring process of change, development, etc..

  • Security:

security is  one of the most important factor to be consider How safe are the robots when compact to the human after all robots are also security controls can be implemented test by considering all these factors select RPA tool for business process Automation.

6.Explain About RPA testing ?

RPA testing is a grouped in to two categories

  • Business Process Testing:

This is nothing but convention testing for any application the end to end business process Automation by the RPA tool has to be validated here. If we have to test if robot is able to get the file from server read the data sources identify any conflicts and send to email notifications to respect the owner ALL combinations of data application.

  • Robots Testing :

There are multiple aspects robots model testing .it is very important that the robots are able to interpret the instructions given through the correctly and able to perform action the UI accordingly these need not to be tested regularly but when the model is designed or modified before a robots is put onto use.

7.What are different RPA jobs ?

RPA jobs can be broadly classifieds into three major categories. other also there but

  • RPA developer, ( or ) architect
  • RPA Consultant
  • RPA Leads ,managers


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