PYTHON Interview Questions and Answers

python questions and answers

Q : What is python and advantages of using python ?

Python is a interpreted, object oriented and high level programming languages. There are many advantages of using python which includes presence of extensive support libraries, third party modules, user friendly data structures, any to learn, Good productivity and speed and it is open source.


Q: List of python flavors 





ruby python



Q : What are programming language paradigms ?

Imperative programming

  • Procedural oriented
  • Object oriented
  • Parallel processing

Decorative programming

  • Logic programming
  • Functional programming
  • Data driven programming


Q : Types of scripting languages ?

  • Perl ( practical execution and reporting languages )
  •  Java script
  • Vbscript
  • Hyscript
  • Hypertalk
  • lingo


Q : python print detailed syntax:

print(“*objects”,sep=’ ‘ ,end=/n,file=sys.sdout,flush=false)


Q : PSF,PEPs , PyPl

  • PSF= Python Software Foundation
  • PEP= Python Enhancement Proposals
  • PyPI= Python package Index


Software Development Architecture ?

Software architecture refers to high level structures of software system and the discipline of creating such systems. each structure consists of software elements, properties and relations among them.


Q: What is single line underscore in python ? 

The single underscore returns the last executed value in the python interpreter


Q : Display list of keywords and version commands

import keyword print (keyword.kwlist)


Q : What is shebang

It is the path to interpreter binary code that is used interpret the code.




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