Protractor online training institute in Hyderabad.We offer course in global world.Protractor is an Automation testing tool for web application testing.It is combining powerful technologies.the protractor testing tool is an end to end behavior – driven testing framework.

Protractor Content


  • Automation Testing Introduction
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of automation testing
  • Various Automation Testing Tools


  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Pre-Requisites
  • Installing JDK & Node.Js
  • Installing Protractor on Windows
  • Text IDE and build system configuration
  • Creating, Running the first Protractor script
  • Installing Eclipse and turn Plug-in

Protractor Basics

  • Selenium WebDriver Vs Protractor
  • Protractor Architecture
  • Understanding conf.js file
  • Test Scripts design & execution
  • Adding validations to script using Jasmine expect


  • Introduction
  • Annotations (BeforeEach, after each, Expect toBe, not toBe, Expect toEqual, toMatch, not toEqual)
  • Test Suite creation and running all scripts/selective test scripts


  • About Angular JS locators
  • By ID, By ClassName, By Binding, By Repeater, By addLocators, By ButtonText
  • Select Wrapper Class

Test Utilities – Logs & Reports

  • Generating Logs
  • Generating Jasmine 2 HTML reports
  • Generating Allure Reports
  • Maven Installation & HTML report generation
  • JSON file, it’s usage – explanation

Data Driven Framework

  • Reading data through JSON files
  • Jasmine data providers – Parameterization


  • Difference b/w handling Angular & non-Angular applications


  • Introduction
  • Jenkins Configuration
  • js file – explanation