Managing Variables in UiPath Studio || variable types ?

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Variable  is   to be characterized as the symbolic name related with a  value that may change. In UiPath studio factors are of various kinds and are utilized to store products sort of information extending from nonexclusive esteem, content, number, information table, time and date. One imperative utilization of factors is that we can control the occasions the body of a circle is executed on the grounds that the estimation of factors can change.

The Variable Panel:

As the name recommends, the variable board is utilized to make factors and empowers us to make changes to them. the four fields are namely name, variable type, cope and default in the variable panel.


the name is mandtory field. We should need to give a name to the variable. Assume on the off chance that you are not giving any name, UiPath studio will produce one consequently. It is suggested that we pursue naming traditions, as examined in the past part, while naming a variable.

Variable Type :

It is also a mandatory field which enables us to choose the sort of factor. We can choose among the alternatives: Boolean, Int32, String, Object, Generic Value, Array of [T] and Browse of Types from the Property board itself. In the event that you don’t pick any sort, UiPath studio will think about it as a string.


It is also a important field. which  shows the area in which the variable is accessible. For example, on the off chance that you choose the action type Sequence, the extent of the variable would be Sequence, etc.


It is a discretionary field which demonstrates the default estimation of a variable. For example, the default an incentive for a variable of sort Int32 is 0.

 Types of Variables:

Coming up next are the sorts of factors that we can use in UiPath Studio.

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Text Variable − As the name suggests, such type of factors can store just strings. For ex:on the off chance that you need to store data like name, last name, usernames etc., content or string factors is the alternative you need to pick.

Boolean variable − These are likewise called True or False factors. It has just two conceivable qualities: genuine or false.

Integer variable − As name proposes, such sort of factors can store just whole number or Int32 values i.e. whole number data. They are additionally called Number factors.

Array variable − If you need to store numerous estimations of a similar kind then the exhibit variable would be reasonable. You can store the same number of kinds of clusters as there are sorts of factors in UiPath.

Date and Time variable − As the name proposes, this sort of factor empowers us to store data about any date and time.

Data Table variable − These sorts of factors store huge snippet of data. It goes about as a database or spreadsheet with lines and segments. For instance, on the off chance that you need to separate data from a site and need to store it in a spreadsheet, at that point you can pick information table variable.




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