Dec 03

BLUE PRISM Questions

BLUE PRISM Interview Questions BLUE PRISM 21-40 Interview Questions 41) If Get Next Item fails to get item, it means that there are no unworked items in queue in blue prism? True   42) When Maximum Attempts is > 1, the work queue will revive any exception cases by what in blue prism?   Cloning […]

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BluePrism Interview Questions and answers Dec 02

RPA Blue Prism Interview Questions and answers

Blue Prism Interview Questions And Answers BLUE PRISM 1-20 Interview Questions 21) Exception functions like ExceptionType() & ExceptionDetail() are used in Blue Prism. In any stage we can use exception functions like ExceptionType() & ExceptionDetail() 22) If Data1 current value is 132, the formula [Data1]<>123 will return true True 23) Wait with no condition commonly […]

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BluePrism Interview Questions Dec 01

BLUE PRISM Top 20 Interview Questions

1) What is Bot in Blue Prism? A) Software robot to fetch info 2) What is Object studio in Blue Prism? A) Used to interact with external applications 3) What is Process studio in Blue Prism? Build software to operate external app 4) What is Work queue in Blue Prism? Where we can process multiple […]

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