Which one is better: Blue Prism or UiPath?


Blue Prism vs UiPath


UiPath & Blue Prism are both leading RPA vendors. But there are differences as follows:


1) Blue Prism founded in 2001 headquartered in UK has strong presence in the market with lot of clients using their robotic software solutions. UiPath founded in 2005, but they received seed funding in 2015 & 2018 they are valued at 1.1 billion, after round of funding from known investors CapitalG, Accel, & Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

2) UiPath provides RPA aka unassisted bots & RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) aka assisted bots. Both RPA & RDA have different license model & pricing, while Blue prism provides only RPA platform with single licensing model.

3) UiPath has free community edition & Blue Prism doesn’t have their community edition for students & small scale company

4) UiPath studio is very easy to use & you would be able to find out most of the options immediately while in Blue Prism you need certain training regarding processes & objects, before you kick start your project

5) UiPath provides free foundation diploma, which will get you to the speed of automation, while in Blue Prism doesn’t have one at this point of time.

6) UiPath free community edition can be used to learn software within UiPath academy website, it contains free training videos gated online tests & exercise materials along with the answers. Blue prism don’t have good knowledge base & it contain only exercise materials as documents.

7) UiPath gives strong activities guide which is lacking in Blue Prism for public.

8) Both tools require .net developer skill set. Custom solutions may require strong .net skill & exposure to visual studio

9) UiPath has a strong active forum community to answer your specific technical questions but blue prism doesn’t have their own forum at this point of time.

10) Both tools are good expression editors, but they demand scripting knowledge.

11) If you have applications placed in citrix, then UiPath is the best tool to use because UiPath incorporate AI on their computer vision where the elements are identified much precisely then Blue Prism

12) Both UiPath & Blue Prism have features of re-usability. So the programmers have to ensure building library in a manner that can be reused in multiple other projects.

13) The tools built using powerbuilder technology are not recognized by these two vendors. Hence you need to rely on surface automation & OCR techniques.

14) UiPath development gives integration to external Software Config. Management (SCM) tools, like Microsoft TFS while blue prism integrates with vendor supplied VBO’s.

15) Website with the flash components are can not recognized by these two tools.

16) In UiPath, Image recognition & OCR  is much better than Blue Prism. However BP 6 has started to bring in computer vision technology to strengthen surface automation programs.

17) In Blue Prism, Debugging capabilities is much better than UiPath.

18) One can change codes During runtime & visualize results in Blue prism, which are currently unavailable in UiPath.

19)  Development & Speed of implementation in UiPath is double than compared to Blue Prism due to lack of recording capabilities in BP.

20) Blue prism can handle many robots per server, UiPath can scale up to 10,000 robots per server.

21) UiPath technical architecture is more modern than Blue Prism.

22) To manage the bots UiPath uses web based orchestrator, while in Blue Prism the studio & the control are bundled within the same client software.

23) For scheduling bots Blue prism has custom calendar as an input, while UiPath lacks this feature

24) Blue prism controller can not support multiple versions & doesn’t consist of built in roll back functions unlike UiPath orchestrator has these advance features.

25) The learning of UiPath is better than Blue Prism for complex process improvement under production environment

26) The Blue prism gives modify password process & login agents where bots credentials can be modified at particular time period without knowledge of humans. To achieve this in UiPath, we must use CyberArk, it is a paid service.

27) UiPath orchestrator reporting is more modern which uses single page application & very responsive with drill down capabilities. Blue prism gives custom dashboard but there are limitation with information collection & visualization and navigation is not very user friendly

28) UiPath can deployed in cloud or hybrid environment including PAAS on AWS & MS Azure available, while Blue Prism can also be on premise & cloud only

29) UiPath is based on .Net 4.6 released by Microsoft in 2015 while Blue Prism version 5 based on .Net 4.0 released by Microsoft in 2010

30) UiPath is getting AI integrated in their upcoming version, while Blue Prism is using IBM Watson for cognitive analytics which is separate paid package

31) UiPath provides IBM Watson Text Analysis, Google Text Analysis & Microsoft Text Analysis. System Partners with BP to Extend RPA Reach with Cognitive Computing.

32) UiPath have higher Hardware requirement when compared to blue prism. This contains more CPU, RAM & SSD requirement on both server side & client.


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