Basic Principles of Devops

The Devops is a software development methodology that combines software development with Information.


Devops is here six principles. It is essential when adopting  devops  way of working.

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customer – centric Action:

The Devops team must take It is action for that. they constantly invest in products and services that will receive a maximum level of customer delight.

End – to- End Responsibility:

The team need to provide performance support until they become end -of-life of devops. It products or services created and delivered by these teams remain under the responsibility these stable groups.

Cross – functional Autonomus teams :

The devops product organizations with vertical fully responsible teams, These teams need to be entirely independent throughout the whole lifecycle. The teams  become a hotbed of personal development and growth.

continuous improvement:

The Devops End – to-End  Responsibility  also means that organizations need to adopt continuously in  light of changing circumstances. The Devops culture focuses on continuous improvement  to minimize waste. It is continuously speeds up the improvement of product or services offered.

Automate everything :

The adopt continuous improvement culture with high cycle rates and to create an It organization that receives instant feedback from end users.

The devops Automation is a vital principle devops process. The Automation of not only the software development process but also for the entire infrastructure landscape.

Monitor and test everything:

The Devops in monitor and test everything very important for devops team to have a robust monitoring and testing procedure.





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