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Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the web services cloud computing platform.On-demand computing or Cloud computing as it is sometimes called refers to the system of using computer services over internet. In the past few years, many businesses have adopted cloud computing in their operations.

Companies spend bulk amounts of money developing & installing software to improve their operations. Cloud computing enables business to access s/w on internet as a service. Cloud computing is also a safe way of sharing & storing data. You can access the service at any time and from any location to complete their tasks.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Reduced Costs

Establishing & running a data center is expensive. You need to purchase the right equipment & hire technicians to install & manage the center. When you move to cloud computing, you only pay for the services procured. Providers charge cloud computing services based features, number of users, time, storage, and memory space among other factors. Hence, you choose package that suits your budget & save costs.


Mobility is One of the major benefits of this cloud computing. The service gives you and your employees the flexibility to work from any location. Employees can complete their tasks at home or from the field.


Traditional way of planning for unexpected growth is to purchase & keep additional storage, servers, & licenses. It may take years before actually use reserve resources. Scaling cloud computing services is easy. You can get additional features or storage space whenever you need them. Your provider will upgrade your package within minutes as long as you meet the additional cost.

Backup plan

Traditional computing system are require backup plans, especially for data storage. If no backup storage is in place, a disaster can lead to permanent data loss. Businesses not need any such means when storing the data on cloud. The data always available as long as users have an internet connection. Some businesses use cloud computing services as a plan for disaster recovery & backup.

Data Security

Sometimes storing the data on cloud is safer than storing data on data centers & physical servers. A breach of security at your premises can lead compromised data security if laptops or computers are stolen. You can delete any confidential data remotely or move it to a different account, if you have data on the cloud. Breaching the security measures on clouding platforms is difficult. Hence, you are assured of data security.

Maintaining Focus on the Business

Businesses realizing that running IT department is not their core competency, they are better doctors, lawyers or plumbers.  Buying cloud services, either in form of single application like or their entire datacenter is often more cost effective, more reliable & lets them re-allocate their limited resources to growing their business.

Business Agility

Businesses with the significant technology investments can find themselves, unable to take advantage of shifts in market or respond to the competitive pressures because the people, capital or time not available in measure needed to react.  Cloud services delete these barriers, enabling organizations to consistently adjust their technology needs to their business without the costs that would ordinarily must be considered with an onsite data center.

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